Cows Now Rank!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cows Now Rank!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post  <NEO> on Tue Aug 11, 2009 3:35 pm

About a week ago i got hold of a new data base,After some translating i got it up and its got the cows and the first couple of astro euds in it! So i tried a few of its "bits" and we now have our new pets ranking!! as the cows were done by my custom and the tables i have added are standard, i will need to modify a few things client and server side to make them rank correct and have the correct Grade. So Translations will cease for the moment,most important NPC's have been done only a couple to go-Thanks to Killa[PM] for hes hard work-We will get back to them shortly!For now i hope you all enjoy your ranking pets Play Hard peepz!!! D3M0N|C[PM.......
Also i nearly forgot to add the Unicorn Apollo now has Star Rank also!!!!!!!!!!!!

i will notify when i have patches available! ty king

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