4 New pets released for DarSide2.0!!!!!

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4 New pets released for DarSide2.0!!!!!

Post  <NEO> on Wed Aug 12, 2009 3:42 pm

g day peepz! as ive said in previous posts i have got hold of the god ship data base,well as most will know there a trial server. the account and user files in the DB are corrupt until activated and the MSG server that is needed to run the extras is trial also, but the rest of the files are accessible .some are different to ours so somethings aren't just a simple add in but every thing that is usable we will get the next project im working on right now is 10 sets of gear packs with assorted bonus and fsoul! as we have paused the translating for a minute im goin to be adding what ever is good from this DB over the next few days so there will be more patches.

also im uploading the up 2 date client tonight so it may get a lil laggy after midnight server time

hope you guys like the new additions and the things to come Play Hard!!!

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