New pets and New Patch style

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New pets and New Patch style

Post  <NEO> on Sat Aug 15, 2009 2:11 pm

Most of you guys have the new patch for those who dont theres 2 more new pets available to buy in mall,they star rank but the same as the other new pets need some fine tuning.All the new pets are in the top pet page so you can keep an eye on those ranks.I have also changed the patch style and have found an icon for our patches from now on! at the moment i have set the patch to auto run GameLoader.exe directly after patching,if any one has problems reply to this topic with your problem and hamachi name and i will do what i can to fix it! if we have to many problems ill change it to soul.exe...Hope you guys Like the New pets......maybe a new mount or 2 in the next patch youll just have to wait n see:P

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