Todays New Pets

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Todays New Pets

Post  <NEO> on Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:40 pm

todays latest additions are the Archangel and Antichrist! the first 2 successes of the new twin texture style,however there not completely a success as they have a mount button it doesn't work at all and i will remove it by next maito.after i have added a few more pets and items killa[PM] and i will be cleaning the client of those annoying pets from the 1-2-2009 database so when u detail your pet its your pet you see! so the patches will keep rollin but the will only be fixes inside no new additions. we will notify everyone when we are about to start the clean up. hope yas enjoy the latest additions the patch 5078 is on the web

you will also see 2 other eggs in shop the Viper and Medusa they are work in progress they will be available soon ty

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