future releases!!

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future releases!!

Post  <NEO> on Wed Aug 19, 2009 10:26 am

howdy peepz got some info on what our plans for the server are over the next couple of weeks.First of all there will be 4 more pets to add to our growing list of new additions,then we will be holding off on pets for a bit while we work on the following;
1.Correct stats and ranking for the cow pets(players stars may go down but we need to fix em Sad )
2.extra eudemon warehouses and maybe more pages to normal WH
3.all important character skills in shop
4.special ball packs back in shop
5.10x potion and 1500%-2000% specials
6.Eudemons compose requirements will go up to 40* for high * pets and points will be lowered,being able to get from 50-200 points a compose up in the high stars is pointless as when you log out you lose 3/4 of them,so to stop that we will be lowering the points until the star loss slows down. the max i will drop them to is 15 points, don't think this will kill your composes as u will actually get the right points and your stats will build correctly...
7.we will be adding assorted 9999 sellers which will sell
-Full range of compose eudemons -X0- uni0
-Full range of Exp Balls
-and 1 with portals-star eyes etc...
8.new Skills and gifts
9.New maps
10. Fixing everything we come across along the way
+ Website upgrades n Edits
Not everything requires a patch only new add-ins do so there might be 2 patches 1 day and none for the next 3 Staff will keep yo all posted! Play Hard pplz Evil or Very Mad

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