Patch 5082 info

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Patch 5082 info

Post  <NEO> on Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:41 pm

in tonights patch is 2 of the latest new pets in the game id say 90% of ya wont have seen them at all,like the other pets i have added these have high growth rates and hatch at higher stars.Also in patch 5082 is a edit for the game loader.exe -first is the page that displays or home page is now changed to the download page so all you need to do to check if your up 2 date is run gameloader.exe and have a qwik look at the patches before you hit PLAy! the other change is the icon has been changed to the skull our patches have,if you want it to change on your desktop delete your shortcut you have now and remake 1 of the new gameloader.exe, Hope yas like...... <NEO>[PM]

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