Patch 5083 and 5084

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Patch 5083 and 5084

Post  <NEO> on Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:31 pm

in 5083 we got the latest 2 pets from the Chinese servers,now in 5084 i will be bringin in the new Lion Mounts also from the Chinese Razz hopefully they work straight away unlike the 2 head mounts.there is another couple of mounts also to come afterwards. there has been a glitch found and fixed in 1 of the gear bags-Pally didnt recieve a Necky in the +40 Gear Pack,I have fixed the problem for that pack if any one has the same prob with any other Pack Pm <NEO>[PM] in game or DarkSide[PM] on hamachi and i will fix it and give you the missing item.

If any one has a fix for Familly Prob i would Love You Looooong Time Razz lol i need the cq_action and cq_family files(Prefer cq_action script or table translated) I will reward with a full set of +255 bonus/special effects/elements f-soul8 2 soc super amber Gear and VIP lvl7 and 10 mill PP! It has to Work:P play hard peepz Twisted Evil

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