info on the lates patches 5089-5090

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info on the lates patches 5089-5090

Post  <NEO> on Sat Sep 05, 2009 5:44 am

in patch 5088 is the release of the 3rd new set of mounts to DarkSide2.0,in 5089 there was some major 3d motion dramas-NPC's where loosing there picture and our screens where flashing,Well i narrowed it down to 1 file and once i looked inside i seen it was a major MY BAD!! which brings us to patch 5090(our 40th official patch in 3 months of running!) i have fixed the 3d problem and upgraded our soul.exe,the new mounts still stand up i had it 99% fixed then i realized we had a 3d prob-re ran the patch n copied over it so ill do the file again and release it in the next patch.

Just a lil reminder 4 players that wish to break the rules -our rules are like every other PServer break em ill kick ur ass out! if your unsure on what our rules are check the web.

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