patch 5090 and 5091

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patch 5090 and 5091

Post  <NEO> on Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:54 pm

after adding the new mounts "Thor" and "Valar" we all had major visual probs! so in 5090 was a fix for the 3d issue now in 5091 i have done the following
-Fixed the standing on the 2 newest mounts
-Edited the login screen to include our name
-Edited the top bar above game screen,it now has our name and our Web Site Address(so no 1 will forget Razz)
-Pet face fix for the Pixie
-New Vip Sign

-Note for all new players you need to use the VIP button to access eudemon warehouse 1, its NPC is bugged and has been disabled

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