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patch 5092

Post  <NEO> on Mon Sep 07, 2009 6:18 pm

in tonights patch is the last mount release for now,the 2 Crabs-named Dr.Zoidberg and Hermes,i was going to hold off on the release of these mounts but i couldnt help myself n put em in.There is no standing issue or any other issues so far,as normal let me know if you come across a bug.

For the next few days its back to working on events and current bugs,40 star requirement is still a work in progress atm so it will keep changing until it starts at 1500 star.
the Nailo Punisher will also undergo more changes until i perfect it.
Work on Market 2 will restart i plan on making everything available in market(hopefully castle tele also) available in market 2
i will also be working on eud ranks so they show the correct stats they are ranked in

also recently i made a lil change i dont think anyone has noticed...BP gifts have now changed to
BP+1 = +10 BP ,BP+2 = +20 BP ,BP+3 = +30 BP

hope you guys like the new additions Play Hard
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