Patch 5094/95/96.......Auto-Patch Finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Patch 5094/95/96.......Auto-Patch Finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post  <NEO> on Sat Sep 12, 2009 6:27 pm

g day all, Patch 5094 is the last of the Manual Patches for DarkSide2.0 inside is all the files needed to change us to Auto-Patch!! From now on players Must use GameLoader.exe NOT Soul.exe blacknull. i have customized everything from our name(instead of "TQ") to our own auto-patch backgrounds.

Now for patch 5095
inside is 2 completely New Casuals for darkside the "CursedRobes"
in this patch was a small error in my coding so i had to release patch 5096 which contains only the fix for new casual that was bugged.......My Bad tongue

This Weekend i am also hosting the first Special event of many to come!
this particular event is the DarkSide2.0 VIP Event...(check Events Page for info!)
Our Day 1 Winners were-
1st-ashley(prize=5mill PP)
2nd-Kiss(prize=VIP lvl +2)
3rd-lord_venom(prize=5mill PP)
1st-Shredder(prize=VIP lvl +2)
2nd-DeathKnight(prize=VIP lvl +1)
3rd-Kiss(prize=VIP lvl +1)

For those who weren't online or didn't win today will have another chance tomorrow-Same times just new locations... Hope you all enjoy
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