latest updates from 5094-5100

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latest updates from 5094-5100

Post  <NEO> on Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:12 am

I been a slacker with the forum updates my workload has increased now i am studying IT general and IT multimedia/Networking(which will all benefit the server) and just started a new job as an IT Technician.from now on most big additions will be done on weekends along with the events,during the week when i have limited im going to concentrate on translations bugs and adding to DarkMarket ...small stuff.but don't worry i wont let the server be forgotten or nothing new happening we will always have events of some kind..
As most of you guys know already "evilminded[GH]" has joined our server team,he is an awesome game helper so don't hesitate to ask him questions or any other staff member for that matter.evil is online pretty much the whole time im not and my wife SexyMumma[PM] and our daytime helper ~BettyBooP[GH] are on when evil isn't, so we got staff on pretty much 24/7 now on hamachi and in-game.

some of the latest additions where:-

the Falcon and Shadow (griffin mounts) so now we have them all!
2 new casuals the "Cursed Robes!
5 Summons stone (only obtainable in events or by donate)
New bosses including 1 thats drops +255 gear packs and 1 thats dropping 5 summons 4 now!!!
Plenty of lil fixes as usual
5,000% and 10,000% Special Balls
Chaos Mountain - a newly generated map for you all to play (different monsters and good drop rate)

next to come to DarkSide2.0 is the 2 flying mounts i have 90% of the files its just a bit slow from shanghai-like 50kb/s slow!!!

i have something else planned if we can get 30 people online at once i will give to everyone a full+255 2 soc f-soul9 Casual (made from any outfit of your choice in shopping mall!)
So get your friends online peepz the rewards are worth it!!

also as far going NON-HAMACHI im having problems with the wrong ip showing up
ive followed the guides step by step the server runs fine but it has the router ip not external so the client connects to ACC Server but disconnects when it try to connect to Game Server,All the right ports are forwarded firewall rules set the only ip's i change in the ini files and shell.dat are the hamachi ip to the external, i have DynDns set up right cos we have web server on it and auto-patch working high if any one can help me i will reward you with a full donator pack- full+255 gear/+255 2soc Casual/5 summons/VIP7/and 50 million PP.........or ill jsut love u long time!! lmao
thanx pplz
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