Arena/Naillo Temple Events

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Arena/Naillo Temple Events

Post  <NEO> on Thu Jul 30, 2009 1:22 pm

Arena and Naillo Temple Are the first 2 maps in the New DarkSide2.0 Assault Series the objective is to Gather a Team, make your way the the chaotic monsters with High Attack rates to The end to Attack the Punisher bosses to Get 500k ep cards-prize packs and Full Sets of Super 2soc/Full Super Ambers/+255 bonus Gear. Arena is a Warm up Map and can be played Solo quite easily,but Naillo Temple is cave after cave of High Atk rate,5 second spawns of up to 120 monsters per spawn, you will need a team to make it through to the boss cave then Good luck!! i hope you all enjoy Play Hard!!

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